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If you are interested in applying for Social Security Disability or Supplemental-Security Income benefits, based upon your age, medical condition, and work history, you might be entitled to the following benefits packages:

In line with the application process, you are allowed to have your case examined without cost by a professional Social Security Disability advocate or attorney. Studies show that having an advocate or attorney help you with your case will sharply improve your chances of being approved for benefits. If your Social Security Disability was denied in the past, don't give up. Many applicants applying for SSDI for the first-time have been denied benefits in the first phase. Acceptance rates after appeals are more successful than when applying for benefits the first time. At the appeals stage, an advocate or attorney may be able to more successfully explain your case to the sitting judge who ultimately makes the decision to grant you benefits approval.

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What you can expect if your claim is accepted:

If you have been approved for benefits, your initial check will be remunerated for the sixth full month following the date your disability started. For instance, if the Social-Security Administration determines that your disability commenced in April, your first disability check will be salaried for October. Your Social Security benefits will be paid in the month subsequent to the month for when they are expected. In this instance, you will receive your October benefit in November. We know that your benefits are of the utmost importance. The faster you can learn about your options and/or work with a professional advocate or attorney, the faster you can begin your application and move towards receiving your benefits.

If accepted, how much benefit will you receive:

The sum of your monthly disability check depends upon your average lifetime-earnings. Your Social Security statement will reveal your lifetime income and offers an approximation of your disability benefit. It also incorporates quotes of retirement and survivors-benefit that you or your family may be qualified for later on.